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Traxxas Nitro Shootout: Top Fuel

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (September 2, 2017) The Top Fuel category had their annual speciality race today at Lucas Oil Raceway. The Traxxas Nitro Shootout gives eight drivers in both of the nitro categories the chance to win $100,000 and the title of Traxxas Shootout Champion. The first seven different winners this season clinched a spot in the shootout, while the eight driver is chosen based off of a fan vote and lottery pick. This is the 6th annual Traxxas Nitro Shootout.

First Round


No 1. Antron Brown vs. No. 8 Terry McMillen

No 2. Steve Torrence vs. No. 7 Clay Millican

No 3. Leah Pritchett vs. No. 6 Doug Kalitta

No 4. Tony Schumacher vs. No. 5 Brittany Force

Tony Schumacher and Brittany Force kicked off the first round of competition in the shootout. It was a great side-by-side race with both drivers running identical elapsed times of 3.747 seconds but Schumacher took the holeshot win thanks to his reaction time of .063 against Force’s .076. Schumacher’s 1000 foot speed is 324.51 mph and Force went 329.50 mph.

Doug Kalitta took out Brainerd-winner, Leah Pritchett in the opening round with his 3.730 second pass at 329.26 mph. Pritchett ran a slower lap of 3.782 seconds at 312.13 mph.

Steve Torrence got the better of lower-qualified, Clay Millican. Torrence was low of the round with his 3.725 seconds at 329.10 mph. Millican put up a fighting time of 3.734 seconds at 321.58 mph but it wasn’t enough to get past the driver who is second in the points standings.

The upset of the round came from Antron Brown and Terry McMillen’s matchup. McMillen got the round win with his time of 3.774 seconds at 318.69 mph. Number one qualifier, Antron Brown had a cylinder out at half-track and made a lap time of 3.808 seconds at 312.42 mph.

Second Round


Tony Schumacher vs. Terry McMillen

Steve Torrence vs. Doug Kalitta

Tony Schumacher’s 3.727 second pass at 329.34 mph was enough to get around Terry McMillen’s 3.766 second effort at 322.04 mph. Schumacher made a clean pass down the track but smoke poured out of McMillen’s engine at the finish line.

Steve Torrence drove by Doug Kalitta in the second round of competition with his 3.711 second pass at 329.83 mph. Kalitta ran a slower time of 3.746 seconds at 327.59 mph.

Final Round


Tony Schumacher vs. Steve Torrence

In a very close race Steve Torrence managed to outrun last year’s winner, Tony Schumacher, for the Traxxas Shootout win. Torrence ran a quick 3.673 second lap at 329.50 mph while Schumacher ran 3.680 seconds at 330.31 mph. “It’s just icing on the cake to go to Indy and be able to race in the Traxxas Shootout,” Torrence said. “When you come out here and race for a hundred grand the competition level is at its highest. This is the baddest eight guys in drag racing. You go out there and you have to bring your A game every lap and we were able to come out with a win,” he continued. This is Torrence’s third final round and first victory in the Traxxas Shootout.



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