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2017 K&N Horsepower Challenge

The K&N Horsepower Challenge is the annual specialty race for the Pro Stock Category. It’s a three-round competition featuring eight drivers who are racing for $50,000. The field is set based off of the top seven drivers in the points from the previous year. The eighth and final spot is picked from a fan vote. This year, 2-time K&N Horsepower Challenge winner, Erica Enders won the popular vote. 

Round One 

Jason Line went -.004 red against Erica Enders, automatically giving her the win light. Line pushed the clutch in soon after he made his mistake, coasting to the finish line with the time of 10.028 seconds at 88.83 mph. Meanwhile, Enders left the starting line with a .006 reaction time and got to the finish line with a time of 6.723 seconds at 206.26 mph. 

Shane Gray drove around tire-shaking Vincent Nobile with a 6.950 second pass at 204.51 mph against a slow 17.490 second lap at 44.28 mph.

Greg Anderson was nearly a tenth better than Allen Johnson at the finish line despite being two-hundredths slower in reaction time. Anderson’s 6.670 second lap at 205.19 mph was too much for Johnson’s Hemi-powered Dodge to handle. Johnson made a 6.746 second run at 204.85 mph. 

Bo Butner took out Drew Skillman with a 6.677 second lap over Skillman’s slow 16.178 second run. Butner was not only first to the finish line, but he was first off the starting line with a .033 reaction time to Skillman’s .048.

Round Two 

Erica Enders wasn’t so lucky this time down the track as her car went sideways as soon as she dumped the clutch. Enders coasted to a 13.796 second run and Shane Gray got the round win with a 6.714 second lap at 206.92 mph. 

Greg Anderson took out his KB Racing teammate, Bo Butner to advance to the final in a close race. Anderson posted a 6.669 second run at 206.20 mph while Butner tried his best with a 6.719 second pass at 206.67 mph.

Final Round 

Greg Anderson raced to his sixth K&N Horsepower Challenge victory over Shane Gray with a 6.684 second run at 205.47 mph. Gray put up a 6.699 second lap eat 206.26 mph. “Well, it’s been a great start to the season. This day is all about fun and thanking K&N for what they do in the class and the sport. [There’s] a whole big pile of cash at the end of the rainbow and we found our way there. It’s just a lot of fun. That money is very important to us, it costs a lot of money to come out here and do this stuff. It certainly helps the team and gives us a shot tomorrow, we’ve got a chance to double up. That’s more pressure but more fun for tomorrow. There’s beautiful weather today and it’ll be a great day tomorrow,” said Greg. 


If Greg doubles up tomorrow and wins the national event, he will take home a total of $100,000 this weekend. 



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