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Schatz wins WoO race at Knoxville

By Lee Elder
KNOXVILLE, Iowa (June 29, 2018) – Donny Schatz led every lap and dominated the Brownells Big Guns Bash World of Outlaws Sprint Cars Series event at Knoxville Raceway.
The race was the first for the popular wing sprint car series since the death of Jason Johnson. Johnson was remembered by observances during the evening.
Schatz started on the pole and was never headed. The closest thing to a problem Schatz faced during the 25-lap chase around Knoxville’s half-mile venue came on the third lap when second-running Lynton Jeffrey tried to pass Schatz on the outside as the pair blasted by the starters stand. Schatz came up from the inside line and his tires touched Jeffrey’s. Jeffrey flipped wildly into turn one.
The ensuing caution period was the final one of the night. The final 22 laps were run without stopping.
Ian Madsen finished second, followed by David Gravel (who started 11th), Kerry Madsen and Logan Schuchart. Schuchart ran third with just three laps to go.
About midway through the race, the Madsen brothers staged a furious battle for top five positions. The brothers handed out slide jobs and slammed doors more often than a slam-test dummy at an automobile manufacturing plant.
The two-night series concludes Saturday.
NOTES: Lynton Jeffrey flipped wildly down the front straight as the field passed under the flag tower. He made contact with race leader Donny Schatz and flipped end-over-end into turn one. The flip was so wild that his fuel cell went over the retaining wall. “I just got a run on him and I don’t think he expected me to be there,” Jeffrey said.



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